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my obsession

Ever since I was young, my obssesion is japan. I loved to wached sentais, anime, loved their music..
then I came accross arashi..
For more than ten years my love for arashi is not fading.. not even slightly..
 because of them I met new friends, new groups and learn to love them too
I don't know why, I can't explain my enticement in japan
and right now, my goal is to learn their language.. hopefully..

smoking gun

another drama worth watching!

Ando Lloyd

one of the most touching dramas i've ever seen!
I love tsubasa honda!


somehow, I can't get over with this jdrama..
I cried a lot and I was moved with their friendship that ikuo chose to end his life when Ta-chan died.
so touching..
But it was indeed a great drama and really worth watching.


It was 2006 when I started in this fandom.
It was all thanks to the song Love so Sweet.
Oh, actually it was because of my first love, Taiwan's Meteor Garden and F4.meteor-garden





I loved them so much!

I loved Meteor Garden So much!

and that leads me to Japan's hana yori dango.

the theme song love so sweet made me fall in love with arashi.

since then, for so many I've stayed in the fandom and I never have an intention of leaving. ^^


At first it was just ARASHI

then I met Nakai in thru arashi guestings in utaban

liked him since then

but recently I discovered what an interesting group smap is

and before I realized it I'm already a huge fan of them

smap 3

smap 6

smap 7

smap 1

I love them both

and I hope to see more arashi and smap in one screen!


good thing there's ARASHI and subbers

sometimes, the reality of life is taking away all my energy.
the pile of works to be done is really stressful!
sometimes, I need to suppress myself and stop watching or reading anything about the fandom or else I won't stop and I wouldn't accomplish anything. Good thing, there's Arashi! Just when I feel I can't take it anymore and I'm about to break down, there's arashi that would always comfort me. They will make me laugh just when I really need to laugh!
And of course its all thanks to the unlimited efforts of subbers that  understanding those videos is possible.

my fandom

i am an arashi fan
no doubt about that
and i love them sooo much!


but recently, a duo has caught my interest
and i fell for them too


so now


happy birthday sho-kun!


it was supposedly his birthday but I was the one who received a gift instead.
thank you to the kindness of a lady neighbor. she made my longest dream come true.
she helped me get a notebook!